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Steps And Materials For Doing A Mobile Home Entry Door Replacement

The replacement of mobile home doors is not that expensive and not that difficult. If you don't want to pay for the services of a repair man, you can easily do it yourself. Most standard doors come in a preset size that may not suit the measurements of the door of your mobile home, so make sure to note down the dimensions and key features of your door. Mobile home doors comes in a wide range of materials and different styles. If you are planning for a DIY mobile home entry door replacement, here is a DIY guideline on how to replace your door and on how to find hardware stores that offer different types of mobile doors.

Choosing and Buying the Right Door for your Mobile Home Entry Door Replacement:

If you are still looking for the perfect shop where you can purchase the right door for your mobile home, the following are recommended hardware stores where you can buy the best materials for your mobile home entry door replacement:

1. If you are looking for a door that is either a flat type or a 6-panel interior door type, offers great quality doors for a discounted price. Flat type doors that have dimensions of 78" x 16" or 80" x 36" are offered at $40.40 to $48.50. Paneled interior doors are available in 78" x 24" and 80" x 32" dimensions, and are priced at $67.81 to $91.36.

2. also offers various modern and traditional door styles. Sizes vary from 71" x 29 7/8", to 71" x 25 7/8". The frames of the doors have 1.25" thick frames to keep your door sturdy and reliable from increment weather conditions.


Steps for Performing A Mobile Home Entry Door Replacement:

1. The sizes of mobile home doors are usually based on their rough opening. You should first measure the size of the opening from inside the mobile home. Do not go for a tip-top measurement or the measurement of the outside frame of the door, since this may give you the wrong door size. Remember that the size of the door should be a little bit smaller than the opening, so it can fit in.

2. The opening of standard out-swinging mobile home door usually comes in 2" width x 2" height increments from the door size, so if you are close to this, you are good to go. Standard sizes of mobile home doors built before 1970 is 72" tall x 30" wide, the same with mobile homes built before 1980, but it eventually changed to 76" x 32" for mobile homes built after 1980. If you have a mobile home that has a different door size, do not worry. Hardware shops usually stock different sizes of doors.

3. You also need several items when replacing the door such as a roll of putty tape, screwdriver, several screws, a reversible drill with hex heads, and other types of drill bits.

4. Make sure that the deck of the mobile home is not built high enough for it to cover the mobile door's bottom screws. It may be a harder task if it is the case. If it is not, you can go ahead and remove old screws that join the door to the mobile home. Gently remove the door from the frame and clean any remaining old putty or caulking in the door.

5. Place putty tape all around the flanges of the newly purchased door, and then peel off its backing. The putty tape's role is for the sealing and caulking of the door. After that, place the door steady into the frame, then drill three screws on the middle hinge to make sure it is secure. This is also to make sure that the door is completely standing straight. If it is completely straight, you are sure that the placing is accurate, continue drilling the screws on the hinges above and below. After that, check if it is secure enough and if it easily opens in and out, and then you are done. You can also install deadbolt locks or safety hasps for padlocks if you wanted to.

You can also find other hardware retailers that offer different kinds of doors, from no-frills, fiberglass exterior, contemporary, traditional, to modern type. Hardware stores can perform different kinds of alterations so that the door will be reliable and your mobile home will be well ventilated or insulated. Just always choose the right tools for the right job, and always make sure that the door parts are securely and properly installed.

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