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The Necessity And Importance Of Mobile Home Leveling

Mobile homes are not exempt from wearing; this is a reality for all homeowners. There can be sudden appearances of cracks within the doors and windows of one's mobile home. This can be disconcerting for those looking to live in a safe place that will not fall apart. Mobile home leveling comes into play in order to eradicate this issue in a professional and efficient manner. These symptoms (i.e, cracks) are often related to the 'i-beam' being unleveled leading to the unfortunate breaking down of the mobile home. Environmental reasons can also become a reason for this issue arising. Whenever this is the case, the need to level the mobile home becomes pertinent and there are numerous ways of going about this. This piece will focus on the importance of this and how to go about eliminating the issue at hand.


The symptoms of an unleveled mobile home will often be discreet in the beginning. By the time, they start becoming more severe in nature; the damage will be reaching the tipping point. It is imperative to get on top of this issue as soon as possible. Even if the house is in good shape, there can be signs of the mobile home not being leveled as desired.

If the signs are not paid attention to, the ultimate reparation task can be more expensive for the homeowner. There comes a point where the mobile home cannot be put through the average 'leveling' procedure. When the symptoms of an unleveled home become apparent, there can be a need for lifting the mobile home as a whole. This will lead to the usage of a hydraulic jack in order to lift the entire home out onto a leveled base. This is not a cost-friendly procedure and is often used as a last option by homeowners with no other option.

Getting the mobile home leveled every 3-5 years is pertinent in order to sustain its health. Anything over this time frame is a risky proposition and can lead to unfortunate and unnecessary damage of one's property.


Some of the symptoms have been touched upon such as cracks within the door and windows. These can be easy to spot dependent upon the severity of the leveling issue. There are other more dramatic problems that can be disconcerting over time such as feeling like one is 'walking downhill'. This can be due to a severe leveling issue that will most likely have to be solved with a hydraulic jack. If this is the case, it is important to immediately be in contact with a professional in order to have the issue rectified. Holding on any longer will lead to the mobile home collapsing under the undue pressure being placed on its base.

Environmental factors can also play a role in the overall leveling concerns with a mobile home. These factors can be due to nearby flooding as the debris can knock the mobile home out of level. It is important to check on the mobile home after these natural occurrences. The check-ups should be done on most occasions. It is recommended to get one's mobile home leveled immediately after such environmental issues because the symptoms might be around the corner. Being ahead of the curve is essential with such issues.

Accomplishing Mobile Home Leveling

There are professional and DIY routes for a homeowner to take. It is up to the homeowner whether they are willing to go through the hassle or not. Most professionals will provide free estimates for the process dependent on the severity of the task. Most professionals will be cost-friendly when it comes to this process as it is a recurring procedure. In order to win your appreciation and business, the offers will be competitive and fair.

If one does wish to complete the task personally, it can be done. One will need to purchase a 'mobile home leveling' jack that can be purchased from most home hardware stores. These help in getting access to the i-beam in order to ensure it is leveled. There are other materials required such as water and plastic tubes for leveling purposes. The task can be tedious, but it is achievable with precision and care. Wedges can be placed under the i-beam in order to maintain the achieved balance upon the removal of the jack.

Regardless of the option one decides to go with, it is important to be on top of this at all times. An unleveled mobile home can be a serious issue, if things worsen over the long-run. This issue should never be ignored.

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