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Tips On Replacing A Mobile Home Roof

Mobile homes are otherwise known as manufactured homes that are designed and engineered to be built in a factory and installed in all locations across the United States. These are affordable alternatives compared to purchasing an existing home or investing in a newly constructed building structure.

After some years of use, some portions of this structure might be in need of repair. The roof takes a beating when it comes to sun and weather exposure. Replacing a mobile home roof is one job that seems to come around more often than may be necessary. While mobile home roof replacement and repair is normally done by a skilled tradesman, it is more than possible to attempt a DIY approach if you come prepared for the task on hand.

Roof Inspection

To determine if your mobile home needs partial or total replacement, there is need to inspect the entire roofing structure before attempting to do any work on it. Some of the telltale signs would be leaking pipes, leak stains on the ceiling, holes in the vents, and the thinning of silver coating in the roof area. If rainwater starts to leak through doors and window openings, these would be an urgent call for you to do some major repairs.

Other quirks that you may notice, that need immediate attention would be - leaks near the water heater, furnace or in the bathroom area, a clear signal for you to repair/or replace the entire roof. A move however, to put in place a new roof and insulation in an old mobile home can pay off more in the long run. The total replacement cost may be more economical in terms of future energy cost than just having minor repairs to the roof structure.

In typical mobile homes, fifteen to twenty percent (15% to 20%) of the heat are wasted through the ceiling which translates to hundred of gallons of fuel every winter. Mobile homeowners can reduce these energy wastage by replacing their roofing structures, thereby decreasing their home maintenance cost.

Option to Roof Replacement

1. Roof Over

A most recent innovative technology in the market today is the use of roof-over. This is a conventionally built wood frame and sheathing cap that is built atop the mobile home's existing roof structure. The cap may be added to any structure regardless of shape - domed, flat, or pitched. This structure is a cost saver since it can last long and durable to withstand any weather condition. It is aesthetically pleasing and comes with good sound proofing qualities. Discounts are regularly given by the manufacturer, making it a plausible option not only in terms of durability but of cost as well. Information about the product and cost estimates are found on the company website,

2. Steel Roof

Steel roofing is another option that is doable as far as mobile roofing choices are concerned. These structures are cheap and does not need lots of maintenance. These steel roofs are attached to the existing roof using a specially designed bracket to create a solid frame. A plus factor to this type of roof is that, roof rumbles are not experienced when this kind of roof is used.

Roof rumbles occur when there is strong winds and inclement weather. Steel roof choices come in varied colors with the different price ranges depending on product type. These types are easy to maintain and comes cheap, to as low as $1.80 per square foot and up depending on design. Other features about the product can be found at

3. Shingles

When shingle roofs leak, the culprits are usually hard to find. These structures have many seams and it would be hard to see which one is leaking. Normally it is the blasting of atmospheric condition that wears the shingles out. Shingles are durable and may last from 15 to 30 years depending on the weather condition. However, when the shingle roof starts to leak, it usually signals that a replacement is needed.

There is need to tear the old shingles out before replacing it. A mobile home's roof is not structurally designed to support multiple stacks of shingles. Aluminum or galvanized sheets are used to patch shingles into place with the used of roof cement. These products come in fiberglass and asphalt and durable enough to withstand inclement weather. The array of products and the cost per product line can be found at

4. Roof Wrap

This roofing structure is a true, simple, and tested roofing system that uses a single, seamless rubber membrane that fits into the existing roof. Most manufacturers assemble a customized kit that includes everything that is needed to make the installation easy to do by the homeowner. The structure is easy to install and can last for 20 years or more. No special skills are needed to do the work, but a handyman can handle the project at minimal cost. More information about the product can be found at

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